In An Aged Care Facility 

At OccHealth Physiotherapy we have several years of

experience working as in house Physiotherapists at various Nursing Home facilities around Sydney.

In this role we are responsible for:

  • Manual Handling skills training for all staff members within the facility.

  • Mobility assessments conducted on all residents on a 3 monthly.

  • Updating and modifying of mobility assessments as residents condition varies to ensure staff members are using best practice techniques ensuring both staff and residents safety.

  • Running falls prevention exercise classes for the Residents.

  • Individual Resident treatment as required (Post surgical, general

       conditioning, specific strengthening etc). These are often privately          organised with the Resident and funded privately or through The            Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) or other organisations.

  • Assessing Residents following any incident – eg. In the event of a fall.

  • Providing advice and training on the use of the lifting machines and walking aids.

In this role, as an in house Physiotherapist, the facility effectively outsources all mobility and manual handling tasks to the Physiotherapists at OccHealth Physiotherapy.

With our expertise the facility can rest assured that their Staff and Residents are in good hands. Our role relies on exceptional communication and management skills to facilitate our technical know-how.

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