Balance & Mobility Assessment

Balance & Mobility Assessment

The cornerstone of our approach to mobility assessments revolves around the Balance and Mobility Assessment (BMAT). The BMAT is a tailored mobility assessment developed by OccHealth Physiotherapy.

​The BMAT is comprised of a series of balance and mobility tasks. Each task has undergone rigorous scientific assessment resulting in a determined relation between performance on the task and lower limb or core strength.

​Lower limb and core strength are directly related to falls risk. So the result of the BMAT provides us with the falls risk of the individual assessed.

​The BMAT takes around 20-30mins to complete and is able to be completed by individuals of all mobility levels. We will use the BMAT as a guide to the areas that require more attention and it will help guide the development of each individuals’ program.

​We can then return to the BMAT once the program is underway to determine how much improvement has occurred and whether a falls risk is still evident.

As with all our treatment, the BMAT can be administered in the clinic or at home depending on an individuals’ capacity.

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