Care At Our Clinics

Care At Our Clinics

At OccHealth Physiotherapy, we have a network of modern clinics conveniently located around the Sydney Metro region within multi-disciplinary Medical Practices.

At each of our locations, to complement your Physiotherapy treatment, you will have access to highly skilled bulk-billing Doctors,

Nursing services, Psychologists services, Exercise Physiology and Dieticians – all under the one roof.

Our specific Aged Care focused treatment at is known our Seniors Health Program. This program is focused on lifestyle modification to improve standard of living in the older populations. Through many years of working with older populations we are acutely aware of the challenges faced by many older Australians still striving for an independent and fulfilling life.

At your Initial Assessment:

We will first sit down and discuss your reasons for attending

OccHealth Physiotherapy and establish what treatment and lifestyle goals you have.​

We will then conduct a thorough medical history and physical assessment. Due to our convenient locations, if there are any medical queries we can refer you directly through to one the onsite Doctors.

​Part of our physical assessment we utilise of our own specially developed Assessment Tool – The Balance and Mobility Assessment (BMAT). Any individual who is referred to us and fits the selection criteria will be put through the BMAT.

The results of the BMAT provide us with falls risk data and specific areas of reduced strength or capacity which will help us to tailor a program specifically for the individual.

​Finally we will tailor a specific treatment program based on your current capacity and what goals we have established. We will provide you with an estimated time frame and what is expected of you if you wish to achieve your goal.

​At OccHealth Physiotherapy, through our Seniors Health Program, we have been able to positively affect the lives of so many older Australians and we would love you to be next!

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