Neurofascial Massage & Release Therapy (NRT)

NRT examines the relationship between the Fascia (Connective Tissue) and the Peripheral Nerve Pathways. Neural Tension (tightening of the Connective Tissue surrounding the peripheral nerves) is correlated with poor posture, long standing emotional tension and following significant injury.

For optimal movement, nerves must be able to move freely within its pathway. The disruption of this movement can be identified as a core factor in chronic pain, muscle tears and nerve entrapment.

When left untreated for too long, the body will recruit neighbouring muscle groups to overcompensate for restricted movement. This is why we can continue to function for so long without any awareness that Neural Tension is existing within our bodies.

Treatment aims at releasing the connective tissue surrounding specific peripheral nerves. When this is achieved, the individual will learn new movement patterns to prevent the return of overcompensating muscle groups.

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