Postural Conditioning

Postural Conditioning and Recurring Chronic Pain

Did you know the Brain does not know the difference between good and bad posture?

Posture is formed or conditioned based on your daily repetitive movement patterns. It is a consequence of your movement or function. Movement patterns include the way you brush your teeth, comb your hair, make your breakfast, pick up your baby, wash your car etc. A movement pattern also includes static positions such as the way you sit in your chair, the way you stand when talking to someone and the way you use your computer.

When you use the same patterns for a prolonged period of time (2,000 to 3,000 repetitions or 3 to 6 months), your body will register that pattern as a habit. That habit or postural pattern is now stored in your subconscious and to change it will take 2,000 to 3,000 repetitions or 3 to 6 months of maintaining the correct or intended movement patterns.

This does not mean you have to visit your Treatment Practitioner for this long, but it does mean you will have to perform your prescribed exercises and change the way you perform your daily activities for this period of time. Clinical Treatment is not to be dependent on and should only be used to make the process of muscle adaptation easier by addressing stiff joints, tight muscles, restricted peripheral nerves and overactive / inhibited muscle groups.

At Occhealth Physiotherapy, we believe your posture can delay your healing after injury and effect the severity of your chronic pain symptoms due to the reciprocal nature of the mind body complex. As an Occupational Physiotherapist, it is easy to see how the movement patterns you carry at work are the same as the movement patterns you carry in our clinics and in your workplace.

If you are concerned about your posture or are experiencing recurring pain symptoms, please contact us to book in an Initial Postural Assessment.

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