Spinal Care

Spinal Care

Spinal pain in one of the most prevalent conditions in today’s society. It can be debilitating and serious in nature involving spinal surgery or it can be more of an annoying symptoms that just won’t go away such as postural pain.

Regions of the spine include: the neck (cervical), the upper back (thoracic); the lower back (lumbar) and the pelvis (sacral).

It is well understood that most spinal conditions (except traumatic condition) occur over a long time span such as disc bulges, and arthritis while others can occur quite acutely such as a pinched nerve.

To ensure that you don’t suffer from spinal pain you will need a few handy tools such as:

  • The correct education on lifting techniques and spinal postures.
  • Proper spinal stability exercises.
  • A regular spinal stretching routine.

If you are already experiencing signs of Spinal Pain, consult our Physiotherapists today for an assessment.

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