Workplace Based Injury Treatment

Workplace Based Injury Treatment

To ensure that injured workers return to work in a safe and timely manner we provide Workplace Based Injury Treatments under the Workers Compensation Scheme. Our experienced team of Physiotherapists will go out to the workplace and incorporate our treatments into the daily activities of the workforce ensuring a smooth transition from suitable duties to pre-injury duties.

By going out to the workplace we are able to address the root cause of overuse injuries, provide appropriate manual handling advice in real time and provide simple yet effective self management strategies for the workers to implement in the course of work without impacting a their productivity.

Workplace Based Treatment Sessions are complemented with regular case conferencing with the injured workers NTD to provide actual functional updates according to the injured workers workplace based capacity and guide the RTW process.

Referral Criteria, at least ONE of the following:

  • 0 – 24 weeks post date of work related injury or
  • Injured worker currently on reduced hours or
  • Injured worker is on restricted work duties or
  • Injured worker has not returned to full time hours 2 weeks post date of injury

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