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ergonomic assessment


Are people in your office complaining about the ergonomics of their workstation? Do they have a sore back from a poorly adjusted office chair? Or perhaps a sore neck from poorly adjusted split monitors? Do you believe that a standing desk will solve all your

musculo-skeletal issues?

The SitWell ergonomic assessment is exclusive to 
OccHealth Physiotherapy and is a specifically designed ergonomic assessment for both blue collar and white collar industries.

It assists office based workers better interact with their environments so the discomfort associated with sitting is eliminated.

A standing desk will not alleviate your daily aches and pains, in fact, standing desks if used incorrectly can lead to multiple lower limb complaints such as foot pain, knee pain and hip pain.

The SitWell ergonomic assessment is targeted at assessing each worker individually and provides simple ergonomic solutions based on clinical findings and workplace interaction observations.

The assessments involve:

  • A review of the worker in the workplace to understand how the worker interacts with their environment without prompts.

  • A history of any musculoskeletal complaints and previous injuries.

  • A clinical assessment of the workers body to identify any pre-existing or underlying musculo-skeletal issues.

  • Putting it all together we combine the workers behaviours along with their history and clinical assessment findings to develop simple, cost efficient and effective ergonomic solutions to ensure the risk of injury is eliminated.

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