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early intervention physiotherapy

Early Intervention Physiotherapy and Medical Services

Early access to treatment is pivotal in injury management and recovery. OccHealth Physiotherapy works collaboratively in the OccHealth Physiotherapy Hubs with Occupational Medical Providers to ensure workers injury management needs are accessed when they need it most. 

OccHealth Physiotherapy works with employers to ensure their workers are getting high quality early access to care when they need it most. 

Benefits of Early Intervention Physiotherapy 

  • Improved culture and wellbeing - the workers feel supported by the workplace 

  • Increased ability for the worker to remain in the workplace appropriately as they recover 

  • Reduced likelihood of absenteeism 

  • Improved recovery outcomes 

The OccHealth Physiotherapist will provide the workplace a report on the same day as the assessment to provide the following information to assist in the workers recovery; 

  • Diagnosis and prognosis 

  • Recommendations for both injury management and workplace duties 

  • Updates after each review to provide functional and clinical updates 

  • Communication with medical providers as required to assist in appropriate and suitable identification of suitable duties to allow a graded and sustained progression back to work 

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