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exercise physiology workers compensation

Exercise Physiology

The OccHealth Exercise Physiology Team operate throughout Sydney in both workplaces and gyms. The Exercise Physiology Team will work with Physiotherapists to transition workers from the Manual Therapy Early Rehabilitation to the Functional stage.

This stage will focus on exercise management that replicates the demands of the workers Pre injury role. This assists workers to build confidence and specific strength and conditioning to enable a sustained and durable return to work. 


  • Assist workers to build self management strategies in managing their pain and injury actively 

  • Sessions can be completed onsite in the workplace. This can ensure the worker is completing correct manual handling and movement patterns as well as reviewing potential contributing factors to the original injury 

  • Transition from manual therapy to active care approach 

  • Develop a long term exercise approach for the worker to sustain after discharge to reduce injury risk in the future

  • Improve overall health and wellbeing including psychological wellbeing 

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