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manual handling training

Manual Handling Training Programs

OccHealth Physiotherapy specialises in workplace injuries. Injuries can be prevented with better movement patterns ( Manual Handling). Manual Handling Training Programs can be implemented to individual employees or in a group setting. OccHealth Physiotherapy will target training to your manual handling risk:




  • Manual Handling Program's are run by Experienced Occupational Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists with extensive experience in workplace injuries.

  • Increased engagement by workers with observations and training completed in the workplace

  • Program is customised to your workplace manual handling risk based on discussion with the employer regarding previous injury history and observations in the development phase.

  • Workers can complete a Physiotherapy assessment with a customised self management exercise program. The goal to not only move better but improve employee strength and conditioning to reduce fatigue and overall injury risk.




  • Understanding the risk in the workplace with the employer

  • Review of the high risk manual handling tasks to develop strategies for workers to implement in manual handling sessions

  Theory - Education  

  • Educating the workers on the basics of anatomy and common injuries

  • Educating workers on safe and effective manual handling in their workplace

  • Implementation of key manual handling principles





Practical - In the workplace

  • Implementation of Practical component of the Manual Handling Training. This can be completed in both group and as one on one sessions

  • Practical observations of workers completing their job tasks with specific feedback on how they can reduce their injury risk or completing sessions as a group focusing on how to implement safer manual handling in the workplace tasks identified as high risk Implementation of key exercises to reduce fatigue and body stressing injuries including pause break routines

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 1

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