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workplace physiotherapy

Onsite Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy - Injury risk screening


Early identification of signs of injury are pivotal in prevention. OccHealth has developed a screening tool which can be completed onsite avoiding disruption to the workforce. Workers identified with signs of injury or imbalances are referred to the onsite Proactive care program for further assessment and treatment.


Workplace Screening, Mirroring and Manual Handling


Our Exercise Physiologist will work alongside a worker or gang of workers performing their role with them. This builds rapport amongst team and allows the Exercise Physiologist to offer coaching on correct movement strategies. All abnormal movement or lifting patterns can be identified and corrected early, with follow up to ensure the strategies are continued long term. Early signs of injury can be immediately referred to the onsite Physiotherapist for appropriate treatment.


Workplace Mirroring allows us to not only empathise and be on the same page as the worker, but it gives us a better understanding of the worker, the risks, stresses and strain on the body. This allows important key safety information to be collected and reported back to the workplace safety managers to assist in collaborative injury prevention solution development.


New Employee Conditioning Training


Pre-Employment Screenings can be useless and irrelevant if worker’s do not maintain conditioning for their specific role. Similar to an Elite Athlete, workers can prevent injury by performing an exercise routine which conditions them for their job role. Just because a worker can pass an initial fitness test, does not guarantee that the worker is still not at risk of injury. The new worker will train and learn correct movement patterns specific to their role.


Workers will be prescribed a customised Exercise Program which they can perform at their gym or at home which will condition them to perform better in their work role with less stress on the body reducing risk of both acute and body stressing injuries.

Physiotherapy - Manual Therapy and Early intervention


Workers can report minor niggles and strains to their Physiotherapist for assessment and treatment to prevent escalation to a diagnosable injury. The On-site Physiotherapist works similar to a Physiotherapist on a sports field. The Physiotherapist will be there watching workers perform with a duffle bag full of clinic supplies ensuring all employees are kept safe from injury.

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