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workplace exercise

Workplace Conditioning Programs

A common element in the modern world is a lack of balance between work, life and physical activity. Secondly people just don't know where to start, so they don't. 

The Workplace Conditioning Program aims to assist workers to commence safe exercise to improve their injury risk and overall health and wellbeing. The Exercise Physiologist can complete Onsite baseline health checks and customise a program tailored to the workers current fitness levels, medical history and job tasks. 

Health Screening

The Exercise Physiologist can complete health checks on workers including;


  • Fitness checks ( strength, endurance, balance)

  • Blood pressure, heart checks

  • Fitness advice and exercise planning

  • Dietary advice

  • BMI / Body composition testing


  • Onsite Health checks to assist in setting health and wellbeing goals 

  • Referral to appropriate health services as required via Health Screening 

  • Improve overall health and wellbeing of workforce

  • Improve strength and conditioning to reduce risk of fatigue 

  • Reduce risk of workplace injury  

  • Follow up workers who have returned to work after injury and continue exercise rehabilitation programs reducing risk of reinjury

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